Better Happy Than Safe

In today’s economy, many financial professionals believe that staying where they are is a shrewd maneuver that guarantees a steady paycheck. But staying with a safe bet is not always the right move—particularly for ambitious and qualified candidates who stand out above the rest. Besides, just because you’ve got security doesn’t mean that you can’t keep an eye out for greener pastures. By periodically evaluating your position and scouting out new opportunities you’ll get a clearer idea of what’s possible—and a vision for achieving future career goals.

The Cream Always Rises To The Top

Despite the economic downturn, today’s leading firms are still looking for the best and brightest to fill out their rosters. In fact with many executives cutting the fat from their payrolls, only the “best and brightest” human assets are being hired to pick up the slack.

This “trimming of the fat” that’s currently occurring across the financial services industry provides the perfect opportunity for stellar financial professionals with proven track records to maker lateral moves within the industry or to move up the corporate ladder. During the reshuffling and reorganization that occurs as businesses take a hard look at their bottom line, some employees are let go; but for those who are dedicated to strategic career planning, this “shake-up” offers a chance to rise to the top.

Know Your Value

As businesses move from quantity to quality mindsets, the need for high performing financial professionals is paramount to breathing new life into Wall Street and trust back into the market. However, many firms want their teams to believe that any job is the right job to hold on to valuable human resources. Further, if they can convince you that you’re lucky to get anything in post-Bailout America, then they can negotiate you down on salary and benefits. What is important to remember is that all firms—from small to large corporate entities—are always hungry for talent that brings in revenue. This fact bodes well for people with solid track records and enviable resumes who have no intention of settling for second rate.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

While it’s easy to stay at your current secure position to hedge your bets in this tough economy, if you’re not happy where you are you’re ultimately selling yourself short. This is why going with the right financial recruiter can make all the difference for those dedicated candidates who want more than what the status quo provides. A good financial recruiter will asses your skills and background, give you an accurate picture of what the current market is like, and work tirelessly to get your CV into the right hands—all while you continue performing at your current place of employment.

Periods of enormous economic change can be frightening to many, but the clear-minded financial professional sees the climate of flux for what it is: a precious opportunity. By choosing a powerful advocate to find you the right job while you continue to earn, you have a better chance of finding an environment that will help you achieve your career goals more quickly.

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